Watch out! Mike Rout will cause ripples in 2013

The year 2013 proves to be an interesting year for baseball fans. This is because unlike last year, this year will most certainly provide new talents. Last year, we witnessed the rise of 20-year-old rookie Mike Trout. Mike is regarded as the top rookie baseball player currently if his 2012 form is anything to go by. Although he might not necessarily be the best player this year, or maybe next year, but he is certainly tipped to shine again this year just as he did in 2012. For Mike, the sky is the limit.
Going by the way Mike is playing; the only other player who can be compared to Mike’s brilliance is Andrew McCutchen, who is five years ahead of Trout. There is always a saying among baseball players that each and every one of them should strive to “Be like Mike”. However, this saying has changed and everyone says that you should always strive to “Be like Mike Trout”. This shows you the extent how much Mike Trout is admired across the board.
According to Torii Hunter, a Pirates outfielder, he recalls having seen five great players who came up through the ranks, but not one similar to Trout. In a nutshell, Mike Trout is being regarded as once-in-a-generation player. It could be that Trout must be following the footsteps of his father Jeff who was also a baseball player, and has a batting title under his name while playing for the minors. Then, Trout’s father was a fifth-round pick.
Whatever the case, no one can be compared to Mike Trout as at the moment. He first came to Yankee Stadium to play an All-Star Game while he was still in high school and many scouts paid little attention to him. Here, he went 7 for 14 with four extra base hits were it not for Curtis Granderson’s magnificent catch while he crashed himself into the wall. Angels who was the then scouting director at Eddie Bane picked him for trials, and the rest as they say is history.

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